Added Donate Option. Added Continuous Integration with TravisCI. Added "make install" way to install after build. New option to users, now it's possible report bugs into app. Changed internal app icons theme. Explained how to compile the application in Ubuntu 18.04 or earlier, due to the incompatibility of MystiQ with Qt5 <= 5.9. Added from the help menu, a link to send donations to the project.


  • Qt5 >= 5.10
  • ffmpeg >= 1.1.0
  • sox


  • pkgconfig
  • libqt5-devel
  • libqt5-linguist
  • alsa-devel
  • libX11-devel

depends=('ffmpeg' 'qt5-base') optdepends=('sox: audio speed adjusting support' 'libnotify: display desktop notifications' 'mplayer: video cutting preview')

To build and run, on Ubuntu >= 18.10 and derivated install: sudo apt install ffmpeg sox mplayer libnotify-dev qt5-default qt5-qmake g++ make

To build and run on Ubuntu 18.04 and derivated: sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:beineri/opt-qt-5.12.3-bionic sudo apt update sudo apt install build-essential g++ make ffmpeg sox mplayer libnotify-dev mesa-common-dev libglvnd-dev sudo apt install qt-latest tree echo "/opt/qt512/bin" | sudo tee /etc/xdg/qtchooser/default.conf echo "/opt/qt512/lib" | sudo tee -a /etc/xdg/qtchooser/default.conf qtchooser -print-env qmake -v



  • run sudo make install