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Release version 0.12.9

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Version 0.12.9
Released: 2019-09-24
* validator: Add method to retrieve list of all tags
* ascli: Add command to make a desktop-entry file from a metainfo file
* ascli: Add command for YAMl NEWS file conversion
* ascli: Convert text NEWS file as well
* Recognize Specification/Documentation as new section type when converting NEWS
* Augment metainfo file with release information automatically
* Use gperf for description markup as well
* validator: Make file-extension checks work with complex URIs
* Implement support for release issues
* docs: Actually give a metadata license recommendation
* Document the issue tag, which can be part of release information
* spec: Explicitly allow WebP for images in metainfo files
* Permit requires/recommends relations on firmware, like Fwupd uses
* docs: Move compulsory_for_desktop where it belongs
* docs: Mention how to exclude .desktop files from being processed
* Make -Wdeprecated-copy non-fatal in maintainer mode for now
* cache: Relax LMDB database max size assumption a bit to help 32bit builds
* validator: Don't crash in assertion if we have no filename
* Catch more errors when parsing YAML and _ref less often
* Interleave translated/untranslated paragraphs when generating metainfo XML
* Don't format cached XML
* Don't emit language tag for screenshot if it is unnecessary
* docs: Add missing documentation to API reference
* docs: Document a few missing ascli subcommands
Version 0.12.8
Released: 2019-08-16
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