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Release version 0.12.11

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Version 0.12.11
Released: 2020-05-12
* Auto-update static category data from fd.o
* Implement support for input control relations
* validator: Validate input control relations
* validator: Put AppStream technical terms and tag names in backticks in
explanation texts
* Modernize the README
* validator: Check for uppercase letters in cids
* Strip beginning/trailing newlines in a number of places
* Make AsContext getter for AsComponent public API
* qt: Add support for name_variant_suffix
* Make component sort-score API public API
* Implement a YAML representation of release artifact information
* Build specification and docs with DAPS
* docs: Add (HTML) anchors for requires/recommends items
* spec: Specify user input control recommendations
* docs: Don't show reference to nonexistent provides->service tag for services
* spec: Encourage the use of only lowercase letters for component-IDs
* docs: Document --explain flag in ascli manual page as well
* docs: Add permalink anchors to some list entries
* Formally support BLAKE2b/s as hash functions for release artifacts
* docs: Link to the MetaInfo Creator webapp in a few places
* Be less noisy about ignoring excessively long search tokens
* Tighten the "free license" check and prevent false positives
* cache: Use correct fts value per result (David Hewitt)
* validator: Control items can't have a version
* validator: Reduce download timeout
* yaml: Strip encoding when serializing keyword lists
* Allows arbitrary indentation when converting NEWS files
* Ignore NULL values silently in our stringstrip function
* Only dump valid metainfo description markup, sanitize it otherwise
Version 0.12.10
Released: 2020-01-18
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