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Release version 0.14.6

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Version 0.14.6
Released: 2021-10-08
* validator: Allow slightly longer screenshot captions
* news-to-metainfo: Recognize the "Miscellaneous" section
* ascli: Add check-license command to test license for compatibility
* Emit URLs to for certain popular licenses
* Add manually curated list of DFSG-free licenses
* news-to-metainfo: Allow only marking the last entries as translatable
* compose: Add support for image and video screenshot handling
* news-to-metainfo: Parse hyphens as header separators as well
* ci: Add Fedora to the CI environment
* as-translation: Add a new source-locale property
* compose: Support source locales for translations
* docs: Clarify screenshot image/video dimensions, quickstart recommendations
* docs: Clarify image scaling, drop fixed-size image width recommendation
* spec: Mention the already-supported scale attribute of <icon/>
* spec: Add support for source locales
* cli: Properly forward parameters to compose binary when invoked via ascli
* compose: Don't follow symlinks when processing raw directories
* xml: Make NULL value handling for RefString value readers consistent
* news-to-metainfo: Stop parsing data if we have reached our entry limit
* news-to-metainfo: Don't attempt to override existing error on parsing failure
* compose: Extract screenshot image dimension data even if we're not caching them
* curl: Use less memory when downloading large files
Neal Gompa, Philip Withnall, Matthias Klumpp
Version 0.14.5
Released: 2021-08-28
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