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Release version 0.12.8

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Version 0.12.8
Released: 2019-08-16
* This release changes the output of appstreamcli's validate actions.
Please account for that if you were parsing it! The new `--format=yaml`
flag for ascli may be interesting to produce machine-readable output.
* Add install-docs meson build option (Antonio Larrosa)
* Use more portable deprecation macro
* Deprecate AsIssueImportance, use equivalent AsIssueSeverity instead
* validator: Implement first bits of tag-based validation
* cli: Print terse issue list by default, make long explanation explicit
* Assume releases are sorted in metainfo, fail validation on wrong sorting
* validator: Allow returning validator output as structured YAML
* validator: Refine YAML output and allow CLI to generate it for validate-tree
* Improve XML node dumping functions
* Permit <em/> and <code/> in description paragraphs and lists
* validator: Don't complain about <em/> and <code/> in paragraphs
* validator: Validate release info better, check release dates
* Recognize more "provides" item types
* validator: Check relations for loops with the component itself
* its: Handle new inline markup correctly in translations
* Add AsVideo object to contain screenshot video data
* Implement video support for screenshots
* validator: Validate the new video screenshot element
* qt: Add support for screenshot videos
* validator: The default screenshot must not contain a video
* validator: Add methods to query tag severity/explanation explicitly
* Implement support for icon-theme components
* spec: Recommend latest-to-oldest release order for metainfo
* spec: Permit use of <em/> and <code/> for description formatting
* docs: Clarify when/why to use .appdata.xml instead of .metainfo.xml extensions
* docs: Explain why name/summary should not be omitted for app metainfo files
* spec: Clarify that ISO 8601 dates in AppStream require the complete date
* spec: Specify videos as a screenshot option
* spec: Specify an icon-theme component type
* Change spelling: DBus → D-Bus, MIME types → Media types (Allan Nordhøy)
* pool: Use fallback tempdir if user /home does not exist
* Restore compatibility with GLib < 2.58
* Find LMDB even if no pkg-config file was installed
* pool: Improve error reporting on cache refreshes
* Fix possible NULL dereference
* Fix division-by-zero if there are no components available at all
* pool: Fix some error checks when adding components
* Report better errors when counting cached components fails
* Fix infinite recursion if component has itself listed as an addon
* validator: Correctly read line numbers in long files
* Catch out-of-context XML reading errors again
* Protect against addon extension loops in the cache
Version 0.12.7
Released: 2019-06-16
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