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Release version 0.14.2

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Version 0.14.2
Released: 2021-03-02
* qt: Implement missing Pool::componentsByCategories
* Share one user-owned read-only system metadata cache between all applications
* pool: Clean up user sysdata caches if we start to use the system cache
* Port over some parsing improvements for desktop-files from asgen
* compose: Add helper for reading desktop-entry files
* compose: Handle bad UTF-8 in desktop-entry files even better
* search: Perform partial token matches instead of prefix matches
* search: Unconditionally perform partial term matching after exact matching
* news-to-metainfo: Recognize the "Contributors" section
* Update our own metainfo file for appstreamcli
* Read descriptions from collection XML correctly again
* tests: Fix a few memory leaks
* Make people acknowledge they know the ascompose API is unstable
* search: Make whole-search string matching a lot more strict
* validator: Resolve false-positive when testing remote icon URL validity
* utils: Improve textwrap if text is just one excessively long word
* compose: Permit U+00AD SOFT HYPHEN in string values
* Validate our own metainfo file
* compose: Don't assume lowest priority for desktop-entry-only components
* search: Only replace full words with greylist terms, not partial ones
* ascli: Take all positional parameters as search terms when searching
Version 0.14.1
Released: 2021-02-16
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