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spec: Permit alternative IDs in appstream URIs

Resolves: #183
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<section id="spec-asuri-schema">
<title>URI schema</title>
Software-centers handling <literal>appstream:</literal> URIs must provide a handler for the <literal>x-scheme-handler/appstream</literal>
Software centers handling <literal>appstream:</literal> URIs should provide a handler for the <literal>x-scheme-handler/appstream</literal>
An AppStream URI follows the schema <code>appstream:%{component-id}</code>.
If a component is known by multiple alternative IDs, more component IDs may be defined in a comma-separated list in the query component
of the URI using the <code>alt</code> key. This may be necessary if an application has switched its ID, but the same URI may be called on systems
which still only know the old ID.
Software centers must try to find the initial ID first and, failing to find it in their catalog, may try the alternative IDs in order of appearance
in the query.
Example HTML code:
<programlisting language="HTML"><![CDATA[<a href="">Install KDE Discover</a>
<a href="appstream:org.gnome.Software.desktop">Install GNOME-Software</a>
<a href="appstream:org.freedesktop.AppStream">Install libappstream</a>]]></programlisting>
<a href="appstream:org.freedesktop.appstream.cli">Install AppStreamCLI</a>
<a href=",">Install Foo</a>]]></programlisting>
<section id="spec-asuri-button">
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