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Release version 0.14.5

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Version 0.14.5
Released: 2021-08-28
* compose: Add locale statistics reader
* Add installed test to validate all metainfo data on the system
* compose: Add initial compose utility
* compose: Read SVGZ images in AscImage
* compose: Better heuristics for finding KDE icons
* compose: Allow filtering which components are processed
* compose: Allow exporting hint report as YAML
* cli: convert: Autodetect metainfo/collection XML files
* Add documentation for appstreamcli compose
* validator: Nag about missing content_rating and releases
* compose: Add metainfo file for cli utility
* docs: Clarify how Qt translations are searched for
* spec: Use "i386" as arch name for the shared ABI of all 32-bit x86 CPUs
* spec: Remove debshots screenshots API references
* docs: Document the version comparison algorithm
* qt: Make Pool's parent class public
* Use locale_strip_encoding for determining the current locale as well
* Consider locale like "ca@valencia" compatible with "ca"
* validator: Properly emit some invalid tag name messages
* Resolve g_memdup deprecation warning for GLib >= 2.68
* cli: Don't occasionally remove spaces when wrapping words
* Propagate bundle information even if PreferLocalMetainfoData is True
* Add workaround for GIR inconsistency in AsFormatVersion enum
* Add assertion against as_get_resource() returning NULL
* context: Don't initialize filename ref string value
Aleix Pol, Matthias Klumpp
Version 0.14.4
Released: 2021-06-22
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