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Release version 0.14.0

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Version 0.14.0
Released: 2021-02-02
* Component data-IDs gain a fifth part for a "branch". If you parse the IDs with AppStream's
functions, this change is fully backwards compatible. If you do your own parsing of these
IDs, please check if you have 4-part or 5-part IDs and split accordingly.
The branch is not used by AppStream (it is just passed through), but needed in GNOME Software
for Flatpak and Snappy support.
* AppStream-Generator depends on libappstream-compose now, however the API is still not stable, so
please do not use it unless you either are appstream-generator or like using experimental code.
* news-to-metainfo: Interpret placeholder release dates as denoting a dev version
* Make as_utils_build_data_id public API
* Add AsReview for attaching user reviews to software components
* Add compile-time version test macros
* Add a branch element to component data-IDs
* Add branch property to AsComponent
* utils: Add data-ID hashing and matching functions
* utils: Make as_gstring_replace public API
* Add branch info to on-disk cached components
* content-rating: Add as_content_rating_add_attribute API
* Rename INPUTMETHOD component kind enum to INPUT_METHOD
* Add "cabinet" bundle type for firmware deployments
* Make AsTokenMatch public API
* Add function to AsScreenshot to get image closest to preferred size
* Allow AsComponent to directly ingest desktop-entry data
* Make as_pool_build_search_tokens API public
* Add "origin" token match
* Make as_component_add_provided_item API public
* Add some useful image dimension constants
* compose: Add blur function from asglib
* Add more efficient load_from_bytes method to AsComponent
* Add methods to load metadata directly from GBytes
* compose: Make image loading code more versatile
* Add editorconfig
* Make more use of RefString in AsComponent
* Revamp version comparison algorithm
* ascli: Add native profiling support
* compose: Reduce Hint memory usage, allow to retrieve var list
* compose: Allow clients to add their own, new hint tags
* compose: Allow hints to be created from tags, include validator hints in pool
* compose: XML-escape validator explanations
* compose: Add a few more methods from asgen's GeneratorResult
* compose: Add helper method for metainfo validation
* compose: Add metainfo parsing helper function
* Implement "filename" property for release artifacts
* ascli: Add new `os-info` subcommand
* Add code to validate platform triplets
* validator: Validate more release-tag specific issues
* Add utils helper function to install a variety of metadata
* Improve desktop-entry tests, always add "launchable" tag
* Update AppStream format version
* qt: Add bindings for relations API (requires/recommends)
* Use ref-strings for locale hash tables and token tables
* docs: Update revision and date
* spec: Add "cabinet" bundle type for firmware deployments
* spec: Allow "filename" tag in release artifacts
* docs: Clarify section on release artifact platform triplets
* spec: Properly mark mailto: links in contact URLs as deprecated
* parse-desktop: Do not try to propagate a null error (Aleix Pol)
* Retain loaded context in AsMetadata and allow external media base url changes
* meson: Use project arguments instead of global arguments
* ascli: Improve text reflow in console output
* metainfo-to-news: Use "*" instead of "-" for markdown enumerations
* Drop unneeded compiler warning override
* Fix small memory leak in AsTranslation
* Avoid extra strlen() call when loading metadata from file
* Fix a few more memory leaks
* validator: Add some more tests
* ascli: Remove some code duplication, improve help summary text
* meson: Hardcode less paths
* tests: Add version comparison tests from appstream-glib, to ensure we compare the same
* gir: Ensure as_version_string shows up in introspection data
* ascli: Improve display of indented long-text output
* compose: Fix build with GLib < 2.66
* Make sure there are no duplicate operating-system components
* compose: Ensure font selection for symbolic fonts actually works
* validator: Ensure we return false in API functions if validation failed
* Ignore minimal translations in metainfo description texts
Version 0.13.1
Released: 2020-11-30
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