Commit 7153c6ed authored by Sascha Steinbiss's avatar Sascha Steinbiss
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Merge pull request #211 from fatimasilva/master

Added uORF, sORF and tnaORF as extra keys
parents 3bfcb466 563892e3
......@@ -24,3 +24,6 @@ modified_amino_acid_feature misc_feature note=modified_amino_a
snRNA ncRNA ncRNA_class=snRNA
snoRNA ncRNA ncRNA_class=snoRNA
nucleotide_match misc_feature note=nucleotide_match
uORF misc_feature note=uORF
sORF misc_feature note=sORF
tnaORF misc_feature note=tnaORF
......@@ -423,7 +423,7 @@ extra_keys = \
TMM signalP
# this list is added to the keys from the feature_keys_gff file
extra_keys_gff = CDS spliced_leader_RNA sequence_variant fasta_record
extra_keys_gff = CDS uORF sORF tnaORF spliced_leader_RNA sequence_variant fasta_record
# Names of qualifiers to search when attempting to find the primary or display
# name of a gene. These qualifiers names are searched in order when looking
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