Commit ab0446e5 authored by dylan grafmyre's avatar dylan grafmyre
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default target non-bspgip (cause gmod doesn't do bspzip)

parent 5c4b4dd7
......@@ -134,10 +134,10 @@ addons/%: addons/%/.d
# custom rules
all: lint maps/ttt_terrorcon_v2_hdr_final_p.bsp addons/ttt_terrorcon_v2_hdr_final_p.gma
all: lint maps/ttt_terrorcon_v2_hdr_final.bsp addons/ttt_terrorcon_v2_hdr_final.gma
fast: lint maps/ttt_terrorcon_v2_fast.bsp
install-bsp: maps/ttt_terrorcon_v2_hdr_final_p.bsp maps/thumb/ttt_terrorcon_v2_hdr_final_p.png
install-bsp: maps/ttt_terrorcon_v2_hdr_final.bsp maps/thumb/ttt_terrorcon_v2_hdr_final.png
cp -v $(word 1, $^) $(MOD_DIR)maps\\
cp -v $(word 2, $^) $(MOD_DIR)maps\\thumb\\
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