Commit 972d5f64 authored by dylan's avatar dylan Committed by Dylan Grafmyre
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data is not installed by gmod by default, try to copy the bsp to prevent

invalidating the nav file
parent 51d626f6
...@@ -175,7 +175,8 @@ maps/%.bsp: %.bsp ...@@ -175,7 +175,8 @@ maps/%.bsp: %.bsp
rm -i "$(MOD_DIR)/mapsrc/setphys.vmf" rm -i "$(MOD_DIR)/mapsrc/setphys.vmf"
%.nav: %.bsp %.nav: %.bsp
ln -f "$^" "$(MOD_DIR)/maps/navgen.bsp" cp -v "$^" "$(MOD_DIR)/maps/navgen.bsp"
mkdir -p "$(MOD_DIR)/data/"
cp -v lua/nav_generate.txt "$(MOD_DIR)/data/runme.txt" cp -v lua/nav_generate.txt "$(MOD_DIR)/data/runme.txt"
ln -f lua/nav_generate.lua "$(MOD_DIR)/lua/autorun/runme.lua" ln -f lua/nav_generate.lua "$(MOD_DIR)/lua/autorun/runme.lua"
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