Commit 69af4022 authored by dylan grafmyre's avatar dylan grafmyre
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game-only makefile mode because it keeps recompiling things when i don't

want it to
parent 0937f6a3
......@@ -46,6 +46,9 @@ else
$(GAME_DIR)$(GAME) -allowdebug $(VBIN_FLAGS) +map $(notdir $(basename $^)) +gamemode terrortown +ttt_debug_preventwin 1 +ttt_preptime_seconds 10 +ttt_minimum_players 1
$(GAME_DIR)$(GAME) -allowdebug $(VBIN_FLAGS) +map $(notdir $(basename $@)) +gamemode terrortown +ttt_debug_preventwin 1 +ttt_preptime_seconds 10 +ttt_minimum_players 1
maps/%.bsp: %.bsp
cp $^ $@
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