Commit 44a5570d authored by dylan grafmyre's avatar dylan grafmyre
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fixup for bad makefile changes

parent c32e6e9d
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ maps/%.bsp: %.bsp
mkdir -p "$(MOD_DIR)/mapsrc"
ln -f "$^" "$(MOD_DIR)/maps/setphys.bsp"
ln -f "$(^:.bsp=.vmf)" "$(MOD_DIR)/mapsrc/setphys.vmf"
ln -f "lua/map_edit.lua" "$(MOD_DIR)/mapsrc/lua/autorun/runme.lua"
ln -f "lua/map_edit.lua" "$(MOD_DIR)/lua/autorun/runme.lua"
# open vmf in hammer
"$(VBIN_DIR)/hammer.exe" "$(MOD_DIR)/mapsrc/setphys.vmf" &
sleep 2
......@@ -157,9 +157,10 @@ maps/%.bsp: %.bsp
"'$(GAME_DIR)$(GAME)'" -allowdebug $(VBIN_FLAGS) $(GAME_FLAGS) $(GAME_TTT_FLAGS) \
+sv_cheats 1 +map_edit setphys
rm -v "$(MOD_DIR)/mapsrc/lua/autorun/runme.lua"
rm -v "$(MOD_DIR)/mapsrc/setphys.vmf"
rm -v "$(MOD_DIR)/maps/setphys.bsp"
rm -v \
"$(MOD_DIR)/lua/autorun/runme.lua" \
"$(MOD_DIR)/mapsrc/setphys.vmf" \
%.nav: %.bsp
./workarounds/nav_generate.exe &
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ import io
import pyvmf.objects
import pyvmf.objects as o
import as r
import pyvmf.re_ as r
import pyvmf.exceptions as e
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