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Added missing translations, added CSS enhancements

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......@@ -82,7 +82,9 @@ A prioritized backlog of new features and known issues can be found <a href="htt
- <a href="">recurrences</a>
- <a href="">thresholds</a>
* Todo-List can be grouped and sorted by priorities, due dates, creation dates, contexts or projects
* The sorting order can be defined on all 4 levels
* The sorting order can be defined on all available levels
* Top level sorting can be inverted
* Sorting can be according to the order in file
* Todos can be filtered by contexts, projects and priorities
* Todos can be looked up by full-text search
* Autocomplete function suggests available contexts and projects
......@@ -112,6 +114,7 @@ A prioritized backlog of new features and known issues can be found <a href="htt
- Turkish
- Hungarian
- Czech
- Polish
* sleek can be minimized to tray
* Existing todos can be used as templates for new ones
* Todo list can be copied to clipboard
......@@ -737,7 +737,7 @@ input[type=range]::-webkit-slider-thumb {
width: 0.75em;
height: 1.5em;
-webkit-appearance: none;
background: #5a5a5a;
background: #3273dc;
border-radius: 0.65em;
......@@ -1275,6 +1275,14 @@ nav ul li.logo {
margin-top: 0;
@media screen and (max-width: 500px) {
.modal .modal-content {
padding: 0.5em !important;
.modal .modal-content .card-content {
padding: 0.5em !important;
body.compact .inputWrapper {
position: relative;
padding-top: 0.5em;
......@@ -1690,7 +1698,10 @@ body.compact #autoCompleteContainer h4 {
font-family: "FreeSansBold";
font-size: 1.7em;
font-weight: normal;
margin-top: 0.5em;
margin-top: 0;
.modal.content h5 {
margin: 0.75em 0;
.modal.content p {
display: block;
......@@ -1729,6 +1740,7 @@ body.compact #autoCompleteContainer h4 {
.modal.content .modal-card-body {
background: none;
display: none;
padding: 0 1em;
.modal.content .modal-card-body ul li a {
text-decoration: underline;
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......@@ -359,10 +359,8 @@
<div id="modalSettings" class="modal content" tabindex="0">
<div class="modal-background"></div>
<div class="modal-card">
<div class="tabs is-centered" style="display: none;">
<li class="settingsTab1 is-active"><a href="#" tabindex="0" id="settingsTabSettings"></a></li>
<div class="tabs is-centered">
<section id="settingsTab1" class="modal-card-body" data-track-content data-content-name="Settings" data-content-piece="Settings">
<h3 class="title is-3" id="settingsTabSettingsHeadline"></h3>
......@@ -608,8 +606,30 @@
<td><span class="tag is-dark is-large">Ctrl</span> <i class="fas fa-plus"></i>&nbsp;<span class="tag is-info is-large">W</span></td>
<td><span class="tag is-dark is-large">cmd</span> <i class="fas fa-plus"></i>&nbsp;<span class="tag is-info is-large">W</span></td>
<th colspan="3"><h5 class="title is-5" id="helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1"></h5></th>
<td id="helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1"></td>
<td><span class="tag is-info is-large">Enter</span></td>
<td><span class="tag is-info is-large">Enter</span></td>
<td id="helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1"></td>
<td><span class="tag is-info is-large">X</span></td>
<td><span class="tag is-info is-large">X</span></td>
<td id="helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1"></td>
<td><span class="tag is-info is-large"><i class="fas fa-arrow-right"></i></span></td>
<td><span class="tag is-info is-large"><i class="fas fa-arrow-right"></i></span></td>
<th colspan="3"><h5 class="title is-5" style="margin-top: .75em;" id="helpTabKeyboardSubtitle"></h5></th>
<th colspan="3"><h5 class="title is-5" id="helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2"></h5></th>
<td id="helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1"></td>
......@@ -63,7 +63,16 @@ const settingsTabSettingsNotifications = document.getElementById("settingsTabSet
const settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody = document.getElementById("settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody");
const settingsTabSettingsTray = document.getElementById("settingsTabSettingsTray");
const settingsTabSettingsTrayBody = document.getElementById("settingsTabSettingsTrayBody");
const helpTabKeyboardSubtitle = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardSubtitle");
const settingsTabSettingsDarkmodeBody = document.getElementById("settingsTabSettingsDarkmodeBody");
const settingsToggleCompactViewBody = document.getElementById("settingsToggleCompactViewBody");
const settingsToggleFileTabsBody = document.getElementById("settingsToggleFileTabsBody");
const settingsDragZoomBody = document.getElementById("settingsDragZoomBody");
const helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1");
const helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2");
const helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1");
const helpTabKeyboardTR14TD1 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardTR14TD1");
const helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1");
......@@ -76,12 +85,20 @@ const helpTabKeyboardTR21TD1 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardTR21TD1")
const helpTabKeyboardTR22TD1 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardTR22TD1");
const helpTabKeyboardTR23TD1 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardTR23TD1");
const helpTabKeyboardTR24TD1 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardTR24TD1");
const helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1");
const helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1");
const helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1 = document.getElementById("helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1");
const toggleDarkmode = document.getElementById("toggleDarkmode");
const toggleNotifications = document.getElementById("toggleNotifications");
const toggleTray = document.getElementById("toggleTray");
addAsTodo.innerHTML = translations.addAsTodo;
helpTabKeyboardSubtitle.innerHTML = translations.helpTabKeyboardSubtitle;
helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1.innerHTML = translations.helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1;
helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2.innerHTML = translations.helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2;
helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1.innerHTML = translations.helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1;
helpTabKeyboardTR14TD1.innerHTML = translations.helpTabKeyboardTR14TD1;
helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1.innerHTML = translations.helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1;
......@@ -94,6 +111,11 @@ helpTabKeyboardTR21TD1.innerHTML = translations.showHelp;
helpTabKeyboardTR22TD1.innerHTML = translations.switchToNextFile;
helpTabKeyboardTR23TD1.innerHTML = translations.switchToPreviousFile;
helpTabKeyboardTR24TD1.innerHTML = translations.closeTabOrWindow;
helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1.innerHTML = translations.helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1;
helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1.innerHTML = translations.helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1;
helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1.innerHTML = translations.helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1;
helpTab1Title.innerHTML = translations.shortcuts;
helpTab2Title.innerHTML = translations.priorities;
helpTab3Title.innerHTML = translations.helpTab3Title;
......@@ -141,6 +163,13 @@ settingsTabSettingsNotifications.innerHTML = translations.notifications;
settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody.innerHTML = translations.settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody;
settingsTabSettingsTray.innerHTML = translations.settingsTabSettingsTray;
settingsTabSettingsTrayBody.innerHTML = translations.settingsTabSettingsTrayBody;
settingsTabSettingsDarkmodeBody.innerHTML = translations.settingsTabSettingsDarkmodeBody;
settingsToggleCompactViewBody.innerHTML = translations.settingsToggleCompactViewBody;
settingsToggleFileTabsBody.innerHTML = translations.settingsToggleFileTabsBody;
settingsDragZoomBody.innerHTML = translations.settingsDragZoomBody;
shareFacebook.innerHTML = translations.shareFacebook;
shareLinkedin.innerHTML = translations.shareLinkedin;
shareTwitter.innerHTML = translations.shareTwitter;
......@@ -211,7 +240,8 @@ function showContent(id) {
let firstTab = section.querySelector(".tabs");
if(firstTab.firstElementChild) firstTab.firstElementChild.firstElementChild.classList.add("is-active");
let firstSection = section.querySelector("section");
// Generated by Peggy 1.2.0.
"use strict";
import { addIntervalToDate } from "./recurrences.mjs";
import { addIntervalToDate } from "./recurrences.mjs";
function peg$subclass(child, parent) {
function C() { this.constructor = child; }
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@
"helpTabDatesBody2": "Vhodné názvy dat jako <strong>tomorrow</strong>, <strong>next Tuesday</strong> nebo <strong>end of February</strong> budou překonvertovány a zformátovany do příslušných dat. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Celý seznam vhodných dat naleznete zde.</a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "Přidávání data",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "Vhodné názvy dat",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle": "Když je okno s přídáváním/upravováním úkolu otevřené",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1": "Když je úkol označen",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2": "Když je okno s přídáváním/upravováním úkolu otevřené",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "Nastavit prioritu",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "Potvrdit úkol",
"helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1": "Zvýšit/snížit prioritu",
......@@ -65,6 +66,9 @@
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "Přiblížit/oddálit datum splnění",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "Odebrat datum splnění",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "Archivovat dokončené úkoly do done.txt",
"helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1": "Upravit",
"helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1": "Označit jako dokončené",
"helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1": "Otevřený kontext",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "Důležité úkoly musí mít důležité místo na vašem seznamu. Jednoduše přidejte \"(A)\" na začátek vašeho úkolu. Nemusíte používat pouze (A), můžete použít všechna písmena od A po Z. Avšak pouze písmena od A po C budou mít barevnou lištu vedle daného úkolu. Všechny ostatní priority budou mít šedou, neutrální lištu. Pokud chcete přiřadit prioritu pomocí klávesové zkratky, stiskněte Alt + A až Z, jakmile je okno s přidáváním/upravováním otevřené",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "Přidávání priority",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "Pokud chcete nastavit, aby se úkol opakoval, musíte nastavit interval jeho opakování pomocí atributu <strong>rec:</strong> (například <strong>rec:d</strong>, aby se úkol opakoval každý den). Uživatelské nastavení aplikace sleek obsahuje funkce, se kterými můžete atribut rec: nastavit, nebo jej můžete přímo upravit v textu samotného úkolu. Možné hodnoty jsou <strong>d</strong> (každý den), <strong>b</strong> (každý pracovní den), <strong>w</strong> (každý týden), <strong>m</strong> (každý měsíc), <strong>y</strong> (každý rok). Taktéž můžete nastavit jiný interval, například <strong>rec:3m</strong>, aby se úkol opakoval každý 3. měsíc. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Zjistěte více o opakování v aplikaci sleek</a>.",
......@@ -116,6 +120,9 @@
"settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody": "sleek vám může zasílat oznámení pro úkoly, které jsou do dneška nebo zítřka. Aby mohla tato funkce fungovat, aplikace musí běžet.",
"settingsTabSettingsTray": "Minimalizovat na lištu",
"settingsTabSettingsTrayBody": "S tímto nastavením bude aplikace sleek minimalizovaná na liště a nebude vidět na hlavním panelu.",
"settingsToggleCompactViewBody": "V kompaktním režimu budou elegantní prvky rozhraní zabírat méně místa. Tento režim je výhodný, pokud je měřítko obrazovky nastaveno na vysokou hodnotu nebo v případě, že je třeba zobrazit mnoho úkolů najednou.",
"settingsToggleFileTabsBody": "Pokud aplikace Sleek spravuje několik souborů, budou tyto přidány na lištu karet, aby bylo přepínání mezi soubory efektivnější. Toto nastavení zobrazí nebo skryje panel karet.",
"settingsDragZoomBody": "Při použití funkce zoom se elegantní prvky rozhraní zvětší nebo zmenší. Toto nastavení je užitečné, pokud výchozí nastavení elegantního rozhraní nevyhovuje rozlišení nebo měřítku obrazovky.",
"shareFacebook": "Sdílet sleek na Facebooku",
"shareLinkedin": "Sdílet sleek na LinkedInu",
"shareTwitter": "Sdílet sleek na Twitteru",
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@
"helpTabDatesBody2": "Leicht leserliche Datumsangaben (Friendly-Date-Names) wie <strong>tomorrow</strong>, <strong>next Tuesday</strong> or <strong>end of February</strong> werden automatisch in todo.txt konforme Daten umgewandelt. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Eine Liste aller verfügbaren Friendly-Date-Namen kann hier eingesehen werden.</a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "Aufgaben hinzufügen",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "Friendly-Date Namen",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle": "Wenn das Hinzufügen/Bearbeiten Fenster geöffnet ist",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1": "Wenn eine Aufgabe selektiert ist",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2": "Wenn das Hinzufügen/Bearbeiten Fenster geöffnet ist",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "Priorität festlegen",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "Aufgabe speichern",
"helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1": "Priorität erhöhen/verringern",
......@@ -65,6 +66,9 @@
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "Fälligkeitsdatum erhöhen/verringern",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "Fälligkeit entfernen",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "Erledigte Aufgaben in eine done.txt verschieben",
"helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1": "Bearbeiten",
"helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1": "Als erledigt markieren",
"helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1": "Kontextmenü öffnen",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "Wichtige Aufgaben müssen entsprechend in der Liste hervorgehoben werden. Dazu wird bspw. ein \"(A)\" an den Beginn der Aufgabe geschrieben. (A) ist lediglich ein Beispiel und beschreibt die höchste Priorität. Alles von A bis Z ist möglich, doch nur A bis C werden farblich hervorgehoben. Alle anderen Prioritäten sind mit einem neutralen grauen Balken versehen. Neben einem Steuerungselement, können mit der Tastenkombination Alt + A bis Z Prioritäten hinzugefügt werden. Dazu muss das Hinzufügen/Bearbeiten-Fenster geöffnet sein.",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "Priorität hinzufügen",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "Soll sich eine Aufgabe wiederholen, muss ein Wiederholungsintervall mit dem Attribut <strong>rec:</strong> angeben (zum Beispiel <strong>rec:d</strong> für eine täglich wiederkehrende Aufgabe) werden. sleeks Benutzeroberfläche bietet ein Steuerelement zum Festlegen des rec:-Attributs. Alternativ kann das rec: Attribut in den Text geschrieben werden. Mögliche Werte sind <strong>d</strong> (täglich), <strong>b</strong> (jeder Werktag), <strong>w</strong> (wöchentlich), <strong>m</strong> ( monatlich), <strong>j</strong> (jährlich). Sie können auch ein anderes Intervall angeben, zum Beispiel <strong>rec:3m</strong>, durch das sich die Aufgabe alle 3 Monate wiederholt. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Mehr über sich wiederholende Aufgaben in sleek</a>.",
......@@ -118,6 +122,9 @@
"settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody": "sleek kann Benachrichtigungen anzeigen, wenn eine Todo morgen oder heute fällig ist. Dazu muss sleek mindestens im Hintergrund aktiv sein.",
"settingsTabSettingsTray": "In die Tray-Leiste minimieren",
"settingsTabSettingsTrayBody": "In dieser Einstellung wird sleek in die Tray-Leiste minimiert und ist nicht mehr in der Task-Bar sichtbar.",
"settingsToggleCompactViewBody": "Im Kompaktmodus nehmen sleek's Interface-Elemente weniger Platz in Anspruch. Dieser Modus eignet sich vor allem bei hoher Bildschirmskalierung oder wenn viele Todos gleichzeitig dargestellt werden sollen.",
"settingsToggleFileTabsBody": "Wird mit mehreren Dateien gearbeitet, werden diese in einer Reiterleiste dargestellt, um somit schnell zwischen den Dateien wechseln zu können. Die Reiterleiste kann mit dieser Einstellung ein- oder ausgeblendet werden.",
"settingsDragZoomBody": "Der Zoom skaliert sleek's Interface-Elemente proportional kleiner oder größer. Das ist sinnvoll, wenn sleeks Standarddarstellung nicht optimal zur Auflösung oder Skalierung des Betriebssystems passt.",
"shareFacebook": "Auf Facebook teilen",
"shareLinkedin": "Auf LinkedIn teilen",
"shareTwitter": "Auf Twitter teilen",
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@
"helpTabDatesBody2": "Friendly date names like <strong>tomorrow</strong>, <strong>next Tuesday</strong> or <strong>end of February</strong> will be converted into appropriately formatted dates. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">A full list of possible friendly dates can be found here.</a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "Adding dates",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "Friendly date names",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle": "When add/edit todo window is open",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1": "When a todo is marked",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2": "When add/edit todo window is open",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "Set priority",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "Submit todo",
"helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1": "Increase/decrease priority",
......@@ -65,6 +66,9 @@
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "Increase/decrease due date",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "Remove due date",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "Archive completed todo in done.txt",
"helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1": "Edit",
"helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1": "Mark as complete",
"helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1": "Open context",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "Important todos need to have an important spot on your list. Simply append a \"(A)\" at the beginning of the todo to achieve this. You're not bound to (A) as everything from A to Z is possible. But only A to C will have a colored bar next to the todo. All other priorities have a neutral grey colored bar attached. To assign a priority using a keyboard shortcut, press Alt + A to Z while the add/edit window is open",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "Adding a priority",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "If you want a todo to repeat itself you need to specify a recurrence interval using the <strong>rec:</strong> (for example <strong>rec:d</strong> for a todo that recurs every day) attribute. The sleek user interface provides controls to set the rec: attribute for you, or you can edit it into the text of the todo yourself. Possible values are <strong>d</strong> (daily), <strong>b</strong> (each business day), <strong>w</strong> (weekly), <strong>m</strong> (monthly), <strong>y</strong> (anually). You can also specify a different interval, for example, <strong>rec:3m</strong> to repeat every 3rd month. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Learn more about recurrences in sleek</a>.",
......@@ -117,6 +121,9 @@
"settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody": "sleek can send you notifications for todos that are due today and tomorrow. The app needs to be running for this feature.",
"settingsTabSettingsTray": "Minimize to the tray bar",
"settingsTabSettingsTrayBody": "With this setting sleek is minimized to the tray bar and is no longer visible in the task bar.",
"settingsToggleCompactViewBody": "In compact mode sleek's interface elements will occupy less space. This mode is of benefit if screen scaling is set to a high value or in case many todos need to be shown at once.",
"settingsToggleFileTabsBody": "If sleek is managing several files, those will be added to a tab bar to switching between files is more efficient. This settings shows or hides the tab bar.",
"settingsDragZoomBody": "Using the zoom sleek's interface elements will be scaled up or down in size. This settings is useful if the sleek's default interface settings doesn't suit the screen's resolution or scaling.",
"shareFacebook": "Share sleek on Facebook",
"shareLinkedin": "Share sleek on LinkedIn",
"shareTwitter": "Share sleek on Twitter",
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@
"helpTabDatesBody2": "Nombres de fechas fáciles de usar como <strong>tomorrow</strong>, <strong>next Tuesday</strong> o <strong>end of February</strong> serán convertidas en fechas apropiadamente formateadas. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">La lista completa de posibles nombres de fechas fáciles de usar puedes encontrarla aquí.</a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "Añadiendo fechas",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "Nombres de fechas fáciles de usar",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle": "Cuando la ventana para añadir/editar una tarea esta abierta",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1": "Cuando se marca una tarea pendiente",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2": "Cuando la ventana para añadir/editar una tarea esta abierta",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "Fijar prioridad",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "Enviar tarea",
"helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1": "Incrementar/decrementar prioridad",
......@@ -65,6 +66,9 @@
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "Incrementar/decrementar fecha de vencimiento",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "Eliminar fecha de vencimiento",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "Archivar tareas completadas en done.txt",
"helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1": "Editar",
"helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1": "Marcar como completa",
"helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1": "Contexto abierto",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "Tareas importantes necesitan tener un espacio importante en tu lista. Simplemente agrega una \"(A)\" al principio de la tarea para conseguir esto. No estás limitado a (A) ya que todo desde la A a la Z es posible. Sin embargo, solo del la A a la C tendrán una barra de color junto a la tarea. Todas las otras prioridades tendrán adjunto un color gris neutro. Para asignar una prioridad usando el teclado, presiona Alt + A hasta la Z mientras la ventana para añadir/editar está abierta.",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "Añadiendo una prioridad",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "Si quieres que una tarea se repita necesitas especificar un intervalo de recurrencia usando el atributo <strong>rec:</strong> (por ejemplo <strong>rec:d</strong> para una tarea que se repite cada día). La interfaz de usuario de sleek provee controles para fijar el atributo rec: por ti, o puedes editarlo en el texto de la tarea tú mismo. Los posibles valores son <strong>d</strong> (diario), <strong>b</strong> (cada día laboral), <strong>w</strong> (semanal), <strong>m</strong> (mensual), <strong>y</strong> (anual). También puedes especificar un intervalo diferente, por ejemplo, <strong>rec:3m</strong> para repetir cada 3er mes. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Aprende más sobre recurrencias en sleek</a>.",
......@@ -116,6 +120,9 @@
"settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody": "sleek puede enviarle notificaciones para las tareas los vencen hoy y mañana. La aplicación debe estar ejecutándose para esta función.",
"settingsTabSettingsTray": "Minimizar a la barra de la bandeja",
"settingsTabSettingsTrayBody": "Con esta configuración, sleek se minimiza en la bandeja del sistema y ya no es visible en la barra de tareas.",
"settingsToggleCompactViewBody": "En el modo compacto, los elementos de la interfaz sleek ocuparán menos espacio. Este modo es útil si la escala de la pantalla se establece en un valor alto o en caso de que sea necesario mostrar muchos todos a la vez.",
"settingsToggleFileTabsBody": "Si sleek está administrando varios archivos, estos se agregarán a una barra de pestañas para cambiar entre archivos de manera más eficiente. Esta configuración muestra u oculta la barra de pestañas.",
"settingsDragZoomBody": "Usando el zoom, los elementos de la interfaz sleek se ampliarán o reducirán en tamaño. Esta configuración es útil si la configuración de la interfaz predeterminada del elegante no se adapta a la resolución o escala de la pantalla.",
"shareFacebook": "Comparte sleek en Facebook",
"shareLinkedin": "Comparte sleek en LinkedIn",
"shareTwitter": "Comparte sleek en Twitter",
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@
"helpTabDatesBody2": "Les dates pratiques comme <strong>demain</strong>, <strong>mardi prochain</strong> or <strong>fin février</strong> seront converties dans le format approprié. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">La liste complète des dates pratiques est consultable ici.</a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "Ajouter une date",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "Dates pratiques",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle": "Lorsque ajouter/éditer la tâche est ouvert",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1": "Lorsqu'une tâche est marquée",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2": "Lorsque ajouter/éditer la tâche est ouvert",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "Définir la priorité",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "Valider la tâche",
"helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1": "Augmenter/baisser la priorité",
......@@ -65,6 +66,9 @@
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "Avancer/reculer la date butoir",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "Retirer la date butoir",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "Archiver la tâche complétée dans done.txt",
"helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1": "Éditer",
"helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1": "Marquer comme complet",
"helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1": "Contexte ouvert",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "Les tâches importantes doivent être mises en avant dans votre liste. Vous pouvez pour cela ajouter \"(A)\" au début de votre tâche. Vous pouvez remplacer A par n’importe quelle lettre, mais seuls A, B et C seront mis en avant par un fond coloré. Les autres priorités auront un fond gris plus neutre. Pour ajouter une priorité par raccourci clavier, combinez Alt + A à Z lorsque la fenêtre d’ajouter/édition est ouverte.",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "Ajouter une priorité",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "Si vous souhaitez qu’une tâche se répète, vous devez définir l’intervalle de répétition en utilisant <strong>rec:</strong> (par exemple <strong>rec:d</strong> pour une tâche quotidienne). L’interface utilisateur de sleek comporte des options permettant de définir l’attribut rec: à votre place, mais vous pouvez aussi l’ajouter vous-même dans la zone de texte de la tâche. Les valeurs disponibles sont <strong>d</strong> (quotidien), <strong>b</strong> (tous les jours ouvrables), <strong>w</strong> (hebdomadaire), <strong>m</strong> (mensuel), <strong>y</strong> (annuel). Vous pouvez définir un intervalle différent, comme <strong>rec:3m</strong> pour que la tâche se répète tous les trois mois. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">En savoir plus sur la répétition dans sleek</a>.",
......@@ -116,6 +120,9 @@
"settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody": "sleek peut vous envoyer des notifications pour les tâches qui sont à finir aujourd'hui ou demain. L'application doit tourner pour que cette fonctionnalité soit active.",
"settingsTabSettingsTray": "Réduire à la barre de plateau",
"settingsTabSettingsTrayBody": "Avec ce paramètre, sleek est réduite à la barre de plateau et n'est plus visible dans la barre des tâches.",
"settingsToggleCompactViewBody": "In compact mode sleek's interface elements will occupy less space. This mode is of benefit if screen scaling is set to a high value or in case many todos need to be shown at once.",
"settingsToggleFileTabsBody": "Si sleek gère plusieurs fichiers, ceux-ci seront ajoutés à une barre d'onglets pour passer d'un fichier à l'autre plus efficacement. Ce paramètre affiche ou masque la barre d'onglets.",
"settingsDragZoomBody": "En utilisant le zoom, les éléments de l'interface sleek seront agrandis ou réduits. Ce paramètre est utile si les paramètres d'interface par défaut de l'élégant ne conviennent pas à la résolution ou à la mise à l'échelle de l'écran.",
"shareFacebook": "Partagez sleek sur Facebook",
"shareLinkedin": "Partagez sleek sur LinkedIn",
"shareTwitter": "Partagez sleek sur Twitter",
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@
"helpTabDatesBody2": "A barátságos dátumnevek (mint például <strong>holnap</strong>, <strong>következő kedd</strong> vagy <strong>február vége</strong>) át lesznek alakítva a megfelelően formázott dátumokra. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">A lehetséges barátságos dátumok listája itt található.</a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "Dátumok hozzáadása",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "Barátságos dátumnevek",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle": "Ha a tennivaló hozzáadása vagy szerkesztése ablak nyitva van",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1": "Amikor egy teendő meg van jelölve",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2": "Ha a tennivaló hozzáadása vagy szerkesztése ablak nyitva van",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "Prioritás beállítása",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "Tennivaló elküldése",
"helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1": "Prioritás növelése vagy csökkentése",
......@@ -65,6 +66,9 @@
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "Határidő növelése vagy csökkentése",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "Határidő eltávolítása",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "Befejezett tennivaló archiválása a done.txt fájlba",
"helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1": "Szerkesztés",
"helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1": "Megjelölés készként",
"helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1": "Nyitott kontextus",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "A fontos tennivalóknak fontos helyet kell kapniuk a listáján. Ennek eléréséhez egyszerűen tegyen egy „(A)”-t a tennivaló elejére. Nincs kötve az (A)-hoz, mivel A-tól Z-ig minden lehetséges. De csak A-tól C-ig lesz színes sáv a tennivaló mellett. Az összes többi prioritáshoz egy semleges szürke színű sáv kapcsolódik. Egy gyorsbillentyű használatával történő prioritás-hozzárendeléséhez nyomja meg az Alt + A-tól Z-ig tartó billentyűkombinációt, miközben a hozzáadás vagy a szerkesztés ablak nyitva van.",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "Prioritás hozzáadása",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "Ha azt szeretné, hogy egy tennivaló ismétlődjön, akkor meg kell adnia egy ismétlődési időközt a <strong>rec:</strong> attribútum használatával (például <strong>rec:d</strong> egy minden nap ismétlődő tennivalónál). A sleek felhasználói felülete vezérlőelemeket biztosít a rec: attribútum beállításához, vagy önmagának is szerkesztheti azt a todo szövegében. A lehetséges értékek a következők: <strong>d</strong> (naponta), <strong>b</strong> (minden munkanapon), <strong>w</strong> (hetente), <strong>m</strong> (havonta), <strong>y</strong> (évente). Más időközt is megadhat, például <strong>rec:3m</strong> a minden 3. hónapban történő ismétlődéshez. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Tudjon meg többet a sleekben lévő ismétlődésekről</a>.",
......@@ -116,6 +120,9 @@
"settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody": "A sleek értesítéseket küldhet a ma és holnap esedékes tennivalókról. Ehhez a funkcióhoz az alkalmazásnak futnia kell.",
"settingsTabSettingsTray": "Minimalizálás a tálcasávra",
"settingsTabSettingsTrayBody": "Ezzel a beállítással a sleek kis méretűre lesz állítva a tálcasávra, és többé nem lesz látható a feladatsávban.",
"settingsToggleCompactViewBody": "Kompakt módban a sleek interfész elemei kevesebb helyet foglalnak el. Ez a mód akkor hasznos, ha a képernyő méretezése nagy értékre van állítva, vagy ha sok teendőt kell egyszerre megjeleníteni.",
"settingsToggleFileTabsBody": "Ha a sleek több fájlt is kezel, akkor ezek a lapok közé kerülnek, hogy hatékonyabb legyen a fájlok közötti váltás. Ez a beállítás megjeleníti vagy elrejti a lapsávot.",
"settingsDragZoomBody": "A zoom használatával a sleek felületelemeinek mérete felfelé vagy lefelé méretezhető. Ez a beállítás akkor hasznos, ha az elegáns felület alapértelmezett beállításai nem felelnek meg a képernyő felbontásának vagy méretezésének.",
"shareFacebook": "A sleek megosztása Facebookon",
"shareLinkedin": "A sleek megosztása LinkedInen",
"shareTwitter": "A sleek megosztása Twitteren",
......@@ -51,24 +51,28 @@
"helpTab3Title": "Contesti e progetti",
"helpTab4Title": "Date",
"helpTab5Title": "Ricorrenze",
"helpTabContextsProjectsBody": "If you work on projects that consists of several tasks, you can assign these tasks by appending \"+\" followed by the project name. Contexts define the situation in which this todo is relevant to you. According to David Allen's concept of <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Getting Things Done</a>, the \"context\" could be i.e. at home, at work, out shopping, by the phone, at your computer, with a particular person. To add a context just append a \"@\" plus the context name. For more information on todo.txt <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">click here</a>.<br><br>Neither projects nor context allow the use of spaces, so write them in one word. You can append as many projects and contexts as you wish.",
"helpTabContextsProjectsTitle": "Adding contexts and projects",
"helpTabDatesBody1": "sleek will add the start date automatically equal to the todos' creation date. If you want to change it, you need to look for the first date in your todo right after the priority tag. Todos with due dates will be bumped up your list. The closer the due date comes the higher it will be sorted. Is the due date set to today or to a date in the past, it will be marked red and will stay on top of your list. To add a due date append \"due:\" and add the due date formatted as <strong>YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. due:2021-03-07)</strong>. Alternatively use the date picker, it will do the formatting for you.",
"helpTabDatesBody2": "Friendly date names like <strong>tomorrow</strong>, <strong>next Tuesday</strong> or <strong>end of February</strong> will be converted into appropriately formatted dates. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">A full list of possible friendly dates can be found here.</a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "Adding dates",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "Friendly date names",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle": "When add/edit todo window is open",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "Set priority",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "Submit todo",
"helpTabContextsProjectsBody": "Se lavori su progetti che consistono in più attività, puoi assegnare queste attività aggiungendo \"+\" seguito dal nome del progetto. I contesti definiscono la situazione in cui questo compito è rilevante per te. Secondo il concetto di David Allen di <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Come fare le cose</a>, il \"contesto\" potrebbe essere cioè a casa, al lavoro, fuori a fare la spesa, al telefono, al computer, con una determinata persona. Per aggiungere un contesto basta aggiungere un \"@\" più il nome del contesto. Per ulteriori informazioni su todo.txt <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">fai clic qui</a>.<br><br>Nemmeno i progetti né il contesto consentono l'uso degli spazi, quindi scrivili in una parola. Puoi aggiungere tutti i progetti e i contesti che desideri.",
"helpTabContextsProjectsTitle": "Aggiunta di contesti e progetti",
"helpTabDatesBody1": "sleek aggiungerà automaticamente la data di inizio uguale alla data di creazione di todos. Se vuoi cambiarlo, devi cercare la prima data nelle tue cose da fare subito dopo il tag di priorità. Le cose da fare con le date di scadenza verranno aumentate nella tua lista. Più vicina si avvicina la data di scadenza, maggiore sarà l'ordinamento. La data di scadenza è impostata su oggi o su una data passata, sarà contrassegnata in rosso e rimarrà in cima all'elenco. Per aggiungere una data di scadenza, aggiungi \"scadenza:\" e aggiungi la data di scadenza formattata come <strong>AAAA-MM-GG (ad es. scadenza:07-03-2021)</strong>. In alternativa, usa il selettore della data, eseguirà la formattazione per te.",
"helpTabDatesBody2": "Nomi di date amichevoli come <strong>domani</strong>, <strong>martedì prossimo</strong> o <strong>fine febbraio</strong> verranno convertiti in date formattate in modo appropriato. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Un elenco completo delle possibili date amichevoli è disponibile qui.</a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "Aggiunta di date",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "Nomi amichevoli per le date",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1": "Quando una cosa da fare è contrassegnata",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2": "Quando la finestra Aggiungi/modifica attività è aperta",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "Imposta la priorità",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "sottoponi tutto",
"helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1": "Increase/decrease priority",
"helpTabKeyboardTR14TD1": "Remove priority",
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "Increase/decrease due date",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "Remove due date",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "Archive completed todo in done.txt",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "Important todos need to have an important spot on your list. Simply append a \"(A)\" at the beginning of the todo to achieve this. You're not bound to (A) as everything from A to Z is possible. But only A to C will have a colored bar next to the todo. All other priorities have a neutral grey colored bar attached. To assign a priority using a keyboard shortcut, press Alt + A to Z while the add/edit window is open",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "Adding a priority",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "If you want a todo to repeat itself you need to specify a recurrence interval using the <strong>rec:</strong> (for example <strong>rec:d</strong> for a todo that recurs every day) attribute. The sleek user interface provides controls to set the rec: attribute for you, or you can edit it into the text of the todo yourself. Possible values are <strong>d</strong> (daily), <strong>b</strong> (each business day), <strong>w</strong> (weekly), <strong>m</strong> (monthly), <strong>y</strong> (anually). You can also specify a different interval, for example, <strong>rec:3m</strong> to repeat every 3rd month. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Learn more about recurrences in sleek</a>.",
"helpTabRecurrencesTitle1": "Adding recurrences",
"helpTabKeyboardTR14TD1": "Rimuovi priorità",
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "Aumenta/diminuisci scadenza",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "Rimuovi la data di scadenza",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "Archivia le cose da fare completate in done.txt",
"helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1": "Modificare",
"helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1": "Contrassegna come completo",
"helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1": "Contesto aperto",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "Le cose importanti devono avere un posto importante nella tua lista. Basta aggiungere un \"(A)\" all'inizio del todo per raggiungere questo obiettivo. Non sei vincolato a (A) poiché tutto dalla A alla Z è possibile. Ma solo da A a C avrà una barra colorata accanto alla cosa da fare. Tutte le altre priorità hanno una barra di colore grigio neutro attaccata. Per assegnare una priorità utilizzando una scorciatoia da tastiera, premi Alt + dalla A alla Z mentre la finestra di aggiunta/modifica è aperta",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "Aggiunta di una priorità",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "Se vuoi che una cosa da fare si ripeta, devi specificare un intervallo di ricorrenza utilizzando l'attributo <strong>rec:</strong> (ad esempio <strong>rec:d</strong> per una cosa da fare che ricorre ogni giorno). L'interfaccia utente sleek fornisce controlli per impostare l'attributo rec: per te, oppure puoi modificarlo tu stesso nel testo del todo. I valori possibili sono <strong>d</strong> (giornaliero), <strong>b</strong> (ogni giorno lavorativo), <strong>w</strong> (settimanale), <strong>m</strong> ( mensile), <strong>a</strong> (annualmente). Puoi anche specificare un intervallo diverso, ad esempio <strong>rec:3m</strong> da ripetere ogni 3° mese. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Ulteriori informazioni sulle ricorrenze in sleek</a> .",
"helpTabRecurrencesTitle1": "Aggiunta di ricorrenze",
"hiddenTodos": "Todo nascosti",
"inProgress": "In progresso",
"language": "Lingua",
......@@ -116,6 +120,9 @@
"settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody": "sleek può inviare notifiche per le cose da fare che sono in scadenza oggi o domani. L'applicazione deve essere avviata per questa caratteristica.",
"settingsTabSettingsTray": "Ridurre a icona sulla barra del vassoio",
"settingsTabSettingsTrayBody": "Con questa impostazione, sleek viene ridotto a icona nella barra delle applicazioni e non è più visibile nella barra delle applicazioni.",
"settingsToggleCompactViewBody": "In modalità compatta, gli elementi dell'interfaccia sleek occuperanno meno spazio. Questa modalità è utile se il ridimensionamento dello schermo è impostato su un valore elevato o nel caso in cui sia necessario mostrare più cose da fare contemporaneamente.",
"settingsToggleFileTabsBody": "Se sleek gestisce diversi file, questi verranno aggiunti a una barra delle schede per passare da un file all'altro in modo più efficiente. Questa impostazione mostra o nasconde la barra delle schede.",
"settingsDragZoomBody": "Utilizzando gli elementi dell'interfaccia di zoom sleek verranno aumentati o ridotti di dimensioni. Questa impostazione è utile se le impostazioni dell'interfaccia di default dell'elegante non si adattano alla risoluzione o al ridimensionamento dello schermo.",
"shareFacebook": "Condividi sleek su Facebook",
"shareLinkedin": "Condividi sleek su LinkedIn",
"shareTwitter": "Condividi sleek su Twitter",
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@
"helpTabDatesBody2": "(日本語に対応? )やさしい日付<strong>tomorrow</strong>, <strong>next Tuesday</strong> or <strong>end of February</strong>のような日付は変換される <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">変換される日付は上記に参照可能</a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "日付を追加",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "やさしい日付",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle": "新規・編集ウインドウが表示されるとき",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1": "ToDoがマークされたとき",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2": "新規・編集ウインドウが表示されるとき",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "優先度設定",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "タスクを提出",
"helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1": "優先度を上げる/下げる",
......@@ -65,6 +66,9 @@
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "期限を前倒し・遅らせる",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "期限をクリア",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "完了タスクをdone.txtにアーカイブ",
"helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1": "編集",
"helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1": "完了としてマーク",
"helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1": "オープンコンテキスト",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "重要タスクをリストの見やすい場所に置きましょう. タスク先頭 \"(A)\" を記載することだけでできる. (A) 以外AからZが利用でいるが, AからCは特定色が設定されている. ほか優先度はグレー色となり. キーボードで優先度を設定する際に新規・編集ウインドウでAlt+A〜Zを使ってください. ",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "優先度を追加",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "タスクを繰り返しに設定するには, <strong>rec:</strong> タグを使う(例えば, <strong>rec:d</strong> で毎日繰り返しするタスクを作成. sleek UIでは rec: 属性を作成することができる. テキストで編集することも可能. 設定可能の値は<strong>d</strong> (毎日), <strong>b</strong> (毎営業日), <strong>w</strong> (毎週), <strong>m</strong> (毎月), <strong>y</strong> (毎年). ほかの設定値は <strong>rec:3m</strong> 3ヶ月一度設定することが可能. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">詳細</a>.",
......@@ -116,6 +120,9 @@
"settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody": "sleekは本日・明日期限タスクの通知をすること可能. アプリを実行したままにする必要がある",
"settingsTabSettingsTray": "最小化する際にトレーバーに",
"settingsTabSettingsTrayBody": "この設定で, sleekを最小化する際にタスクバーではなくトレーバーに",
"settingsToggleCompactViewBody": "コンパクトモードでは、sleek のインターフェイス要素が占めるスペースが少なくなります。 このモードは、画面のスケーリングが高い値に設定されている場合、または一度に多くのToDoを表示する必要がある場合に役立ちます。",
"settingsToggleFileTabsBody": "sleek が複数のファイルを管理している場合、それらはタブバーに追加され、ファイル間の切り替えがより効率的になります。 この設定により、タブバーが表示または非表示になります。",
"settingsDragZoomBody": "ズームを使用すると、sleek インターフェイス要素のサイズが拡大または縮小されます。 この設定は、洗練されたデフォルトのインターフェイス設定が画面の解像度やスケーリングに合わない場合に役立ちます。",
"shareFacebook": "Facebookでsleekを共有",
"shareLinkedin": "LinkedInでsleekを共有",
"shareTwitter": "Twitterでsleekを共有",
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@
"helpTabDatesBody2": "Przyjazne (angielskie) nazwy dat, takie jak <strong>tomorrow</strong>, <strong>next Tuesday</strong> czy <strong>end of February</strong> zostaną przekonwertowane na odpowiednio sformatowane daty. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Pełną listę możliwych przyjaznych dat znajdziesz tutaj.</a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "Dodawanie dat",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "Przyjazne nazwy dat",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle": "Kiedy okno dodawania/edycji zadań jest otwarte",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1": "Kiedy zadanie jest zaznaczone",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2": "Kiedy okno dodawania/edycji zadań jest otwarte",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "Ustaw priorytet",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "Zatwierdź utworzenie zadania",
"helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1": "Zwiększ/zmniejsz priorytet",
......@@ -65,6 +66,9 @@
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "Odsuń/przysuń dedlajn",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "Usuń dedlajn",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "Zarchiwizuj ukończone zadania w pliku done.txt",
"helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1": "Edytować",
"helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1": "Oznacz jako zakończone",
"helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1": "Otwórz kontekst",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "Ważne zadania muszą mieć ważne miejsce na twojej liście. Aby to osiągnąć, wystarczy dodać \"(A)\" na początku zadania. Nie jesteś ograniczony do (A), ponieważ możesz korzystać z wszystkich liter od A do Z. Ale tylko od A do C będą miały kolorowy pasek obok zadania. Wszystkie inne priorytety mają dołączony pasek w neutralnym szarym kolorze. Aby przypisać priorytet za pomocą skrótu klawiaturowego, naciśnij Alt + A do Z, gdy okno dodawania/edycji zadania jest otwarte.",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "Dodawanie priorytetu",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "Jeśli chcesz, aby zadanie automatycznie się powtarzało, musisz określić interwał powtarzania za pomocą atrybutu <strong>rec:</strong> (na przykład <strong>rec:d</strong> dla zadania, które powtarza się codziennie). W interfejsie użytkownika sleek istnieje przycisk do wygodnego ustawienia atrybutu rec:, ale możesz też samodzielnie edytować go w tekście zadania. Możliwe wartości to <strong>d</strong> (codziennie), <strong>b</strong> (w każdy dzień roboczy), <strong>w</strong> (co tydzień), <strong>m</strong> (co miesiąc), <strong>y</strong> (co rok). Możesz również określić inny interwał, np. <strong>rec:3m</strong>, by zadanie powtarzało się co 3 miesiące. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Dowiedz się więcej na temat powtarzających się zadań w sleeku</a>.",
......@@ -116,6 +120,10 @@
"settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody": "sleek może wysyłać Ci powiadomienia o zadaniach, które powinny zostać ukończone dziś i jutro. Aplikacja musi być uruchomiona dla tej funkcji.",
"settingsTabSettingsTray": "Zminimalizuj do paska systemowego",
"settingsTabSettingsTrayBody": "Dzięki temu ustawieniu sleek jest zminimalizowany do paska systemowego i nie jest już widoczny w pasku otwartych programów.",
"settingsToggleCompactViewBody": "W trybie kompaktowym elementy interfejsu sleek zajmą mniej miejsca. Ten tryb jest przydatny, jeśli skalowanie ekranu jest ustawione na wysoką wartość lub w przypadku, gdy wiele zadań do wykonania ma być wyświetlanych naraz.",
"settingsToggleFileTabsBody": "Jeśli sleek zarządza kilkoma plikami, zostaną one dodane do paska kart, aby przełączanie między plikami było bardziej wydajne. To ustawienie pokazuje lub ukrywa pasek kart.",
"settingsDragZoom": "Powiększenie",
"settingsDragZoomBody": "Za pomocą powiększenia elementy interfejsu sleek zostaną powiększone lub zmniejszone. Te ustawienia są przydatne, jeśli domyślne ustawienia interfejsu eleganckiego nie odpowiadają rozdzielczości lub skalowaniu ekranu.",
"shareFacebook": "Udostępnij sleek na Facebooku",
"shareLinkedin": "Udostępnij sleek na LinkedIn",
"shareTwitter": "Udostępnij sleek na Twitterze",
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@
"helpTabDatesBody2": "Nomes de datas amigáveis como <strong>amanhã</strong>, <strong>próxima terça</strong> ou <strong>final de fevereiro</strong> serão convertidos em datas formatadas apropriadamente. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Uma lista completa de possíveis datas amigáveis pode ser encontrada aqui. </a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "Adicionando datas",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "Nomes de datas amigáveis",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle": "Quando adicionar/editar um todo uma janela é aberta",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1": "Quando um todo é marcado",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2": "Quando adicionar/editar um todo uma janela é aberta",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "Definir prioridade",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "Enviar todo",
"helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1": "Aumentar/Diminuir prioridade",
......@@ -65,6 +66,9 @@
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "Aumentar/Diminuir data de vencimento",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "Remover data de vencimento",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "Arquivar tarefas concluídas em done.txt",
"helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1": "Editar",
"helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1": "Marcar como concluído",
"helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1": "Abrir contexto",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "Todos importantes precisam ter um lugar importante em sua lista. Basta anexar um \"(A)\" no início do todo para fazer isso. Você não está vinculado a (A), pois tudo de A a Z é possível. Mas apenas A a C terá uma barra colorida ao lado do todo. Todas as outras prioridades têm uma barra de cor cinza neutra anexada. Para atribuir uma prioridade usando um atalho de teclado, pressione Alt + A a Z enquanto a janela adicionar/editar estiver aberta",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "Adicionando uma prioridade",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "Se você quiser que uma tarefa se repita, você precisa especificar um intervalo de recorrência usando o atributo <strong>rec:</strong> (por exemplo <strong>rec: d</strong> para uma tarefa que ocorre todos os dias). A interface de usuário elegante fornece controles para definir o atributo rec: para você, ou você mesmo pode editá-lo no texto da tarefa. Os valores possíveis são <strong>d</strong> (diário), <strong>b</strong> (cada dia útil), <strong>w</strong> (semanal), <strong>m</strong> ( mensalmente), <strong>y</strong> (anualmente). Você também pode especificar um intervalo diferente, por exemplo, <strong>rec: 3m</strong> para repetir a cada três meses. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Saiba mais sobre recorrências no elegante</a>.",
......@@ -116,6 +120,9 @@
"settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody": "O sleek pode enviar notificações para tarefas pendentes hoje e amanhã. O aplicativo precisa estar em execução para este recurso.",
"settingsTabSettingsTray": "Minimize para a barra da bandeja",
"settingsTabSettingsTrayBody": "Com essa configuração, o sleek é minimizado na barra da bandeja e não fica mais visível na barra de tarefas.",
"settingsToggleCompactViewBody": "No modo compacto, os elementos de interface do sleek ocuparão menos espaço. Este modo é benéfico se a escala de tela estiver configurada para um valor alto ou no caso de muitas pendências precisarem ser mostradas de uma só vez.",
"settingsToggleFileTabsBody": "Se o sleek estiver gerenciando vários arquivos, eles serão adicionados a uma barra de guias para que a alternância entre os arquivos seja mais eficiente. Esta configuração mostra ou oculta a barra de guias.",
"settingsDragZoomBody": "Usando o zoom, os elementos da interface do sleek serão ampliados ou reduzidos em tamanho. Essas configurações são úteis se as configurações de interface padrão do elegante não se adequarem à resolução ou escala da tela.",
"shareFacebook": "Compartilhe o sleek no Facebook",
"shareLinkedin": "Compartilhe o sleek no LinkedIn",
"shareTwitter": "Compartilhe o sleek no Twitter",
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@
"helpTabDatesBody2": "<strong>tomorrow</strong>, <strong>next Tuesday</strong> or <strong>end of February</strong> gibi İngilizce isimlendirmeler otomatik olarak uygun şekilde düzenlenecektir. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Kullanılabilir kısayolların tam listesi için tıklayınız.</a>",
"helpTabDatesTitle1": "Tarih ekleme",
"helpTabDatesTitle2": "Tarih kısayolları",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle": "Ekle/düzenle penceresi açıkken",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle1": "Yapılacaklar işaretlendiğinde",
"helpTabKeyboardSubtitle2": "Ekle/düzenle penceresi açıkken",
"helpTabKeyboardTR7TD1": "Önceliği ayarla",
"helpTabKeyboardTR10TD1": "Yapılacak ekle",
"helpTabKeyboardTR13TD1": "Önceliği arttır/azalt",
......@@ -65,6 +66,9 @@
"helpTabKeyboardTR15TD1": "Bitiş tarihini arttır/azalt",
"helpTabKeyboardTR16TD1": "Bitiş tarihini kaldır",
"helpTabKeyboardTR17TD1": "Tamamlanmış yapılacakları done.txt içine arşivle",
"helpTabKeyboardTR25TD1": "Düzenlemek",
"helpTabKeyboardTR26TD1": "Tamamlandı olarak işaretle",
"helpTabKeyboardTR27TD1": "Açık bağlam",
"helpTabPrioritiesBody": "Önemli yapılacaklarınız listenizde önemli bir yerde olmalı. Basitçe yapılacağınızın başına \"(A)\" ekleyerek bunu sağlayabilirsiniz. Yalnızca (A) kullanmak zorunda değilsiniz A'dan Z'ye tüm harfleri kullanabilirsiniz. Ama yalnızca A'dan C'ye yapılacakların yanında renkli bir barı olacak. Kalan tüm önceliklere nötr gri bir bar eşlik edecek. Klavye kısayolu ile öncelik atamak için ekleme/düzenleme penceresi açıkken Alt + A-Z tuşlarına basabilirsiniz.",
"helpTabPrioritiesTitle": "Öncelik ekleme",
"helpTabRecurrencesBody1": "Eğer bir yapılacağın tekrar etmesini istiyorsanız <strong>rec:</strong> kullanarak bir sıklık belirtmeniz gerekir (örneğin: <strong>rec:d</strong> her gün tekrar eder). sleek arayüzü tekrarlama özeelliği eklemek için gerekli kontrolleri sağlar, ya da dilerseniz kendiniz yapılacağı düzenleyebilirsiniz. Kullanabileceğiniz değerler: <strong>d</strong> (günlük), <strong>b</strong> (her iş günü), <strong>w</strong> (haftalık), <strong>m</strong> (aylık), <strong>y</strong> (yıllık). Eğer isterseniz özel bir sıklık da belirleyebilirsiniz, örneğin: 3 ayda bir tekrarlaması için <strong>rec:3m</strong> kullanabilirsiniz. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">sleek'te tekrarlayan olaylarla ilgili ayrıntılı bilgi için tıklayınız</a>.",
......@@ -116,6 +120,9 @@
"settingsTabSettingsNotificationsBody": "sleek size bitiş tarihi bugün ya da yarın olan yapılacaklar için bildirim gönderebilir. Bu özellik için uygulama çalışır halde olmalı.",
"settingsTabSettingsTray": "Sistem barına küçült",
"settingsTabSettingsTrayBody": "Bu ayar ile sleek sistem tepsisine küçültülür ve uygulama listesinde görünmez.",