Commit dd9993a3 authored by phob1an's avatar phob1an 🎧
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kvantum 0.2

parent a1b00494
...@@ -301,12 +301,12 @@ inherits=PanelButtonCommand ...@@ -301,12 +301,12 @@ inherits=PanelButtonCommand
frame.element=progress frame.element=progress
interior.element=progress interior.element=progress
text.margin=0 text.margin=0
text.normal.color=white text.normal.color=#c5cbd8
text.focus.color=white text.focus.color=white
text.toggle.color=black text.toggle.color=black
text.bold=true text.bold=true
text.shadow=true text.shadow=false
frame.expansion=2 frame.expansion=2
[ProgressbarContents] [ProgressbarContents]
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