Verified Commit f8decb3a authored by azubieta's avatar azubieta
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Fix typo

parent 4cebee66
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ void AppUpdateDialog::showErrorMessage(const QString &msg)
void AppUpdateDialog::showCompletionMessage()
setWindowTitle(tr("Plign Store Update Completed"));
setWindowTitle(tr("Pling Store Update Completed"));
ui->confirmationLabel->setText(tr("Do you want to open the new version now?"));
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ void AppUpdateDialog::showCompletionMessage()
void AppUpdateDialog::showNoUpdatesMessage()
setWindowTitle(tr("Plign Store is up to date"));
setWindowTitle(tr("Pling Store is up to date"));
ui->confirmationLabel->setText(tr("No updates were found"));
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