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# Plasma AppImage Integration
Provide a set of extensions for the Plasma desktop Environment to enhance the AppImage related user experience.
Enhance the AppImage user experience on the plasma desktop environment. It's build on top of
AppImageServices and `libappimage` being compatible with other solutions like AppImageLauncher.
- "Add to Launcher", "Remove from Launcher" and "Update" File Item Actions
- Update progress get notified using a KJob
- File Metadata Extractor. Includes the application name, links, license and description.
- Creation/Removal of launcher entries for application files
- System wide (all users) application installation
- Updates lookup and installation
- Application metada shown in the details view
- Launch assistant to skip the give execution permission step before running an AppImage
**Notice that this software is under active development and it's not suitable for production yet.**
## Build
- appimage-services
- cmake
- cmake (>=3.12)
- gcc (>=4.8)
- Qt5::Core
- Qt5::Widgets
- Qt5::Network
- Qt5::DBus
- KF5::XmlGui
- KF5::I18n
- KF5::KIO
- KF5::TextWidgets
- KF5::Notifications
- KF5::FileMetaData
- Qt5::Core
- Qt5::Widgets
- Qt5::Network
- Qt5::DBus
mkdir build; cd build
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